Very good days! Today I share with you the recipe that I was improvising yesterday to take advantage of what was left over from the Cauliflower cream that I brought you last week. I had four small pieces left over so, before they got bad, I wanted to take advantage of them to bring you a recipe, since as you can see I don’t have too many recipes with cauliflower on the blog.

So this morning it occurred to me to prepare a sauce in combination with leek, garlic, onion, some roasted mushrooms and a touch of pepper. The result of this recipe has been a super rich and creamy sauce, which combined with the whole-grain macaroni makes a very satiating dish, cheap, easy to prepare and, on top of that, healthy.


200 grams of wholemeal macaroni
4 heads of cauliflower
1 leek
1 onion
2 garlic
150 grams of mushrooms
1 cup and a half of unsweetened soy milk
Ground black pepper
Olive oil
Optional: violife brand vegan parmesan

Step by step

  1. First, we will cook the macaroni in plenty of water, keeping them at a gentle boil. The cooking time will vary depending on the type of pasta and the hardness that you like, I recommend that you do not overcook them and that you leave them al dente for this recipe.
  2. When the pasta is ready, filter it, stir and set aside. You can pass it through a little cold water to prevent it from sticking while you prepare the sauce.
  3. Peel and cut the two garlic cloves in half and put them in a large frying pan, medium heat with a drizzle of olive oil.
  4. While the garlic browns, peel and finely chop the onion. When the garlic is ready, add the onion.
  5. Meanwhile, cut the leek into thin slices. We also add it to the pan, with a little more olive oil if necessary.
    We sauté the vegetables for the cauliflower sauce.

    We sauté the vegetables for the cauliflower sauce.

  6. When the onion and leek are taking on a transparent texture, add the cauliflower chopped into very small pieces. Brown for a few minutes.
  7. Prepare a cup and a half of unsweetened soy milk and add it to the pan.
  8. Season generously with salt to taste and black pepper. I recommend that you pour little by little until you find the point that you like.
  9. Stir well and leave over medium heat, in a very gentle boil, until the cauliflower is well done.
  10. When the cauliflower is already soft, turn off the heat and pour it into a container to grind. I have used the container that comes with my mixer, this way is much easier, but you can use a bowl.
  11. Crush and reserve.
    Add the soy milk, salt and pepper and grind the sauce.

    Add the soy milk, salt and pepper and grind the sauce.

  12. In the same pan, add another thin splash of olive oil and sauté the sliced mushrooms.
  13. When they are very golden brown, add the sauce and pasta to the pan.
  14. Heat for a few minutes, stirring and adding more salt and pepper if necessary.
  15. And that’s it! Remember to serve it hot and, if you use the vegan Parmesan cheese, scratch a little on top when you are going to serve it.
    Add the sauce and pasta to the pan.

    Add the sauce and pasta to the pan.< /p>

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