This recipe has changed our breakfasts. This vegetable pâté is so delicious that we go to bed wanting it to be the next morning so we can have breakfast.

I like to take care of myself and eat healthy, so I usually have 100% whole grain rye bread for breakfast, it’s delicious but it has a drawback, it’s quite dense and can be a bit dry. The good part is that it is much more filling than normal bread, so you need to eat less and still feel less hungry. He had been looking for something that he could spread on bread, that was healthy and of vegetable origin, until he decided to experiment and try combinations to find the perfect pâté, and we found it!



  • 2 tomates secos
  • 20 gramos de aceitunas deshuesadas
  • 50 gramos de almendras (crudas y sin sal a poder ser)
  • 100 gramos de pimientos del piquillo o pimientos rojos asados
  • 50 mililitros de aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • 1/2 cucharadita de pimentón dulce


  1. In a food processor or food processor we add all the ingredients and grind them to a paste.
  2. To make the dried tomatoes you can follow our recipe for dried tomatoes in oil or hydrate your own tomatoes in oil or water hot or just do without them. Ours were quite spicy because they are hydrated in oil with chillies, so if you don’t add them or yours don’t bite you can substitute the sweet paprika for hot paprika to give it a spicy touch.
  3. Put the pâté in a pot or container and store it in the fridge. The ideal is to consume it in 3 or 4 days.
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