Vegetable curry gyozas (with homemade dough step by step)
Very good to all! Today I bring you a recipe that you have already seen several times and that I will never get tired of: vegetable gyozas, this time with a filling of tofu, onion, carrot and a good curry. Until the moment, they are probably my favorites .Vegetable gyozas with homemade dough


For the dough:
250 gr – 300 gr of wheat flour
Corn flour (or cornstarch)
200 ml of water + extra water

For the filling:
100 gr of firm tofu
1 onion
1 carrot
4 or 5 shiitake mushrooms
Olive oil

To serve:
Soy sauce

Step by step

  1. We will start by preparing the dough. To do this, heat 200 ml of water with two generous pinches of salt.
  2. Turn it off before it starts to boil.
  3. Meanwhile, place 200 g of flour in a bowl and reserve the extra 50 gr.
  4. Add the water little by little, while stirring with a shovel.
  5. When everything is more or less well mixed and the shovel can no longer stir OK, let’s knead with clean hands. It’s normal if the dough sticks a little to your hands.
  6. It’s time to sprinkle the 50 gr of extra flour little by little. Knead little by little.
  7. If the dough sticks to your hands, let it rest for 10 seconds and continue kneading. You can also add a little more wheat flour, but not in excess.
  8. When it is already kneaded, leave it resting in the bowl.
  9. On the other hand, chop the carrot, onion, 4 shiitake mushrooms and sauté in a pan with a dash of olive oil.
  10. When it is golden, turn off the heat and crumble with your hands and the 100 gr of tofu.< /li>
  11. Add them to the pan, with the heat off, and add 1 tsp. curry and stir.

    Let the dough rest and prepare the filling

  12. Let the sauté rest and recover the dough.
  13. Make a churro and cut it in half. 
  14. Cut each churro into approximately 8 parts, depending on the size you want gyoza.
  15. < li> Now we shape it into a ball, and sprinkle cornmeal or cornstarch over the table and the balls. This way it will be able to shape much better.
  16. Now, we carefully flatten each ball until we make a thin layer of 2mm. Sprinkle cornmeal on each side and distribute it along the circle of dough.

    < figure class="wp-block-image size-large">We shape the vegetable gyozas

  17. We fill carefully not to overdo it so that later we can close it well. I recommend that you put a small teaspoon and then, if you see that you are loose, add more.
  18. We prepare a small cup of clean water and leave it to the side.
  19. Now, we take our gyoza already filled, we close it bringing the upper end to the lower, creating a crescent. 
  20. Now, we wet a finger and run it along the edges of the gyoza, to moisten the ends.
  21. < li>We are going to create the pinches that will shape the gyoza: for that, with the gyoza already closed in the shape of a half moon, we pinch the upper part forward, and press it with the dough from below. This is a bit difficult to understand in writing, so I leave you here a YouTube video so you can see it clearly. From the second 50 you have it. The video is not mine but you will understand it perfectly.
  22. A good trick to make it seal well is: when you have already made the fold, if the gyoza opens a little, stain your fingers with cornmeal and press it against the dough, so it will seal. 

    We fill the gyozas with vegetables.

  23. We close all the gyozas and now we are going to prepare them half sautéed half steamed.
  24. To do this, in a non-stick frying pan, preferably with a lid, turn on medium heat and grease the base with a generous splash of olive oil.
  25. When it starts to get hot, place the gyozas in the shape of blades, clockwise (check and In the photo below, it is important to leave space between them).
  26. We keep the heat on medium, so that they are roasted underneath. When the oil has been consumed (it is important that there is no excess oil because, if not, when pouring the water it would jump out and you could burn yourself) add 1/2 cup of water or, perhaps, a little more, until covering between 1/3 and 1/2 of the height of the gyoza.
  27. We keep over medium heat again, in a gentle boil, close the lid and let them steam.
  28. When the water has been consumed and the dough is ready, we remove them.
  29. And now you can eat it! Remember to dip it in lots of soy sauce 🙂 

  30. We sauté the gyozas and steam them.

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