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Good morning guys, after two weeks without posting I’m back! I have to apologize enormously for being so absent from the blog, but if you have been keeping an eye on me Instagram you will have seen that these weeks have been very very stressful for me! Hahaha

But this week I wanted to compensate you with a recipe that I had been wanting to make for a long time: some Vegan Crêppes, with the traditional recipe but without eggs, obviously. The recipe is really very easy, in reality you don’t need any kind of cooking knowledge, you don’t need a pancake maker, the steps to follow are very simple and you have the ingredients in any supermarket. What is important for this recipe is to have a good non-stick pan, because it will save us from having to fight with the crêpes when turning.


For the crêpes:
1 cup of wheat flour
1 cup of oat milk< br> 1/2 teaspoon of yeast
1 dash of Agave Syrup
Tip of a tablespoon of Cinnamon
Olive oil

For the filling:< br> 2 soy yogurts
1/4 mango
Dark chocolate to melt

Step by step

  1. In a bowl, mix a cup of non-dairy milk, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of tablespoon of powdered cinnamon and a dash of Agave Syrup, or other sweetener.
    For the base of the Vegan Crêppes we will mix the vegetable milk, flour, cinnamon and yeast.

    For the base of the Vegan Crêppes we will mix the vegetable milk , flour, cinnamon and yeast.

  2. Add the cup of flour to the bowl and mix well with the help of a fork or a few rods until there are no lumps and the dough is slightly thick and creamy.
  3. Using a brush or paper towel, grease a medium-low skillet and heat over high heat for 15 seconds.
  4. When the oil is hot, lower the heat to medium-low and pour three tablespoons of batter into the pan. Spread the dough across the pan until a thin layer of dough is left.
  5. Brown for a few seconds (we will notice that it is done when it begins to dry and create air bubbles) and with a spatula wood we turn it over and brown the other side.

    The trick so that a Crêppe does not stick is a good non-stick pan and grease it well, evenly. A bad pan can make things very difficult.

    We mix the batter for the vegan Crêpes well and brown on both sides.

    We mix the dough for the vegan Crêpes well and brown for both sides.

  6. Repeat the process until the dough is finished, always greasing the pan before adding the dough.
  7. At the same time, melt the chocolate by pouring it into a cup and placing the cup in a pot of boiling water. We keep it over medium-low heat until it melts completely.
  8. With the Crêppes ready, we fill them with soy yogurt and mango cubes, and decorate the top with melted chocolate.
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