This recipe is ideal for those days when we don’t feel like cooking, we’re short on time, or we’re very tired. It’s a healthy alternative to convenience foods and you only need 15 minutes to prepare these delicious vegan tacos.

Legumes are a very complete and healthy food, they are delicious and easy to prepare, that’s why I try to include them often in my diet. The ideal is to cook the legumes, you can make several servings at a time and eat them throughout the week. Another option is to use canned legumes, although they usually contain preservatives and additives, so I recommend that you read the list of ingredients and try to choose the healthiest option you can find.



  • 2 tazas de frijoles cocinados (400 g)
  • 1 taza de salsa de tomate (250 g)
  • 2 cucharaditas de salsa picante o Tabasco
  • 2 cucharaditas de comino en polvo
  • 1 aguacate
  • 8 tomates cherry
  • 1/4 taza de maíz (35 g)
  • 8 tortillas de maíz especiales para tacos


  1. Add beans, tomato sauce , hot sauce and cumin in a pan. Heat over medium-high heat.
  2. Slice avocado and cherry tomatoes.
  3. Spread out filling the tacos (beans with tomato sauce, avocado, tomatoes and corn) between the tortillas and serve immediately.
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