Okay, let’s stop (a bit) with the mega-calorie Christmas recipes… This time, it’s lighter while being seriously stylish for a New Year’s Eve menu ;-)! Plus, since we’re super nice (we’re nice, huh?), there’s no need for an oven for this recipe, nor any special equipment. You will just need a rolling pin but at worst, you take a glass bottle, that will do the trick 😀 Another good idea made in Patate & Gherkin!

And now, without any transition, here is the super recipe for ravioli with spinach and pine nuts!


  • flour – 280 – 20 – 1 < span>(pinch)
  • olive oil – 15 (mL)
  • fresh spinach – 300 < span>(g)
  • Pine Nuts – 50 < span>(g)
  • soy milk – 100 < span>(mL)
  • Soy Cream – 100 < span>(mL)


  • For the ravioli dough: In a large bowl, pour the flour, salt and cornstarch, mix and make a well in the middle. In the middle of the well, pour 10g of oil and 100 mL of water. Mix with your little mimines and add a little water as you go. Knead with your hands to form a very smooth ball of dough.
  • For the filling: Heat a frying pan without fat, put the pine nuts in it to lightly toast them and give them a nice color. Reserve them. In your frying pan, heat 5g of oil. Add the spinach to “drop” it, i.e. reduce its volume and release its water.
  • For the sauce: Mix 1/3 of the spinach with the milk and the soy cream. Pass the sauce through a colander to obtain a smooth texture without lumps. Season.
  • To assemble the ravioli: Mix the remaining 2/3 spinach with the pine nuts, season.
  • Separate your ball of ravioli dough into 4 and spread each piece of dough with a rolling pin as much as possible. The dough must be almost transparent (2mm thick). If you have a rolling mill, now is the time to use it instead of the rolling pin ;)! Cut circles of dough. Place a little filling on each round of dough and close it on itself by welding the dough well between your fingers. Be careful not to leave any air bubbles in the ravioli!
  • To cook the ravioli: Heat a large pot of water with coarse salt and a drop of oil. When the water is boiling, dip the ravioli in it for 1 minute, then drain.
  • Serve the ravioli topped with the hot sauce (you can put it back in the blender just before serving to have a nice mousse) . It’s ready ! You can decorate with some pine nuts and some baby spinach.
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