We have to be a little crazy because making a vegan salad recipe when it’s cold, you have noses! But we like it so much that we can’t resist.

This time we bring you a very striking vegan version with beetroot, an ideal starter for Christmas meals, served on a few endive leaves or alone, also with such an intense color that is sure to attract the attention of all diners and you will be left as true gourmets.



  • 750 gramos de patata
  • 300 gramos de zanahoria
  • 100 gramos de remolacha
  • 100 gramos de guisantes
  • Veganesa y sal al gusto


  1. We pour water into a pot and put it to warm up When it boils, add salt to taste and the carrots and unpeeled potatoes. We cook them for 20 or 25 minutes. After the first 20 minutes we can prick the carrots and potatoes with a fork or a knife and if they are tender we take them out, if not we leave them as long as necessary. It may happen that the potatoes are ready before the carrots, in that case we remove the potatoes and let the carrots continue cooking for as long as they need.
  2. Let the potatoes and carrots cool down a bit so as not to burn ourselves and peel them, chop them a little and crush them with a fork. It is better to do this step hot because it is easier.
  3. We have used fresh beets that we have steamed without salt for 35 minutes and frozen peas that we have cooked in salted water for 8 minutes. When the beet is cold, cut it into small dice.
  4. Add all the ingredients strong> (which must be cold) in a large bowl and mix well. Let cool for two hours in the fridge. If you can stay until the next day, even better. It may happen that when we go to serve it it is a bit dry, nothing happens, we add more vegan and that’s it, let’s eat!
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