Lattes are always a hit on the blog and since I haven’t prepared one for a long time, I decided to try this vegan pumpkin spice latte, a very popular drink in the United States, thanks especially to Starbucks, although I’ve also seen it here in Spain.

Our version is vegan, of course, but also much more natural and healthy. The traditional one has cream, milk and  white sugar or other refined sweeteners. We prefer to use non-dairy milk, sweeten with dates and replace whipped cream with cream homemade coconut.




  1. It is important that the milk is hot, we heat it in a saucepan and remove it from the heat before it boils.
  2. The tea or coffee can be hot or cold. If you can’t find chai tea, try any kind of tea you have on hand that goes well with milk (black tea for example).
  3. Pour all the ingredients into&nbsp ;una jar blender and beat until fully incorporated.
  4. Serve in a cup, glass or jar with cream of coconut on top and a little pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon, although it can be taken as is. You can store leftovers in the fridge for about 3-4 days.


  • Use any type of sweetener you want to taste.
  • Nutritional information does not include nata de coco.
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