The potato omelette has always been one of my favorite dishes, especially my mother’s. I used to have it for dinner when I was little and it was my favorite dinner. That’s why, now that I’m discovering vegan cuisine, I had to make an alternativewithout eggs and once again, it has nothing to envy to the original version.

My mother prepares the traditional potato omelette, cooking the potatoes in oil, but for some time now I have preferred to make a lighter version, in which barely two tablespoons of oil. In this post we explain how to make both versions. The light option is healthier, less fattening (although I have to admit that the traditional one is juicier) and since I discovered it it’s what I usually do, so I can eat potato omelette often and without remorse.



  • Aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • 800 gramos de patatas
  • 1/2 cebolla
  • 16 cucharadas de harina de garbanzo (rasas)
  • 16 cucharadas de agua + 1 taza de agua ó 250 mililitros (si vais a hacer la versión ligera)
  • Sal al gusto


  1. Peel the potatoes, wash them, Cut them in half and cut them into thin slices. Cut the onion into very small pieces.
  2. In this step you have to choose one of the two versions. Light version: Put one or two tablespoons of oil in a frying pan and when it is hot add the potatoes and onion, add salt to taste, 250 milliliters of water (or a cup) and raise the heat to maximum. When the water is boiling, lower the heat (I set it to 6) and cover the pan with a lid. We leave the potatoes until they are done, it took us about 20 minutes. Stir occasionally so they don’t stick to the pan. We consume all the water, but if you like them less cooked, you can strain them and if you like them more cooked, add more and leave them longer. Traditional version: Add plenty of oil to a frying pan and when it is hot add the potatoes, onion and salt to taste. Cover with a lid and let the potatoes cook over medium heat (I set it to 6) until they are done, they usually take about 20 minutes. Stir occasionally so they don’t stick to the pan. Strain the potatoes and onion with a slotted spoon or a strainer to remove the oil.
  3. In a bowl add the 16 tablespoons of flour and water, beat until smooth. a homogeneous mixture, add a little salt and the cooked potatoes and onion. Stir.
  4. In a frying pan, add one or two tablespoons of oil and when it is hot, add the previous mixture and let it curdle over medium heat (we put it again to 6) for about 5 minutes. Place a plate on top of the tortilla and flip it over to cook the other side for another 5 minutes. We give it as many turns as necessary so that the tortilla is cooked inside and out.
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