Everyone likes to enjoy a good potato omelette, whether on a skewer, as an appetizer, to eat with a salad or to snack on at a party. To me, as I like it, it is definitely with coca bread, oil and tomato. So why not make this mythical dish in its vegan version? In addition to being an animal friendly alternative, it is suitable for all those allergic to eggs. And if you are celiac or allergic to gluten, don’t worry, here is a version of gluten-free vegan omelette, for which I don’t use beer (I know it’s pretty hard to find gluten-free beers, and that’s a real shame).

Yes, you are reading correctly, beer! The result? The tortilla has a lot of flavor and aroma, it is simply incredible. Just as if it were a sponge cake or a cake, we mix the flour with the liquid so that it then curdles with the heat in the pan.

For a 20 cm tortilla.
  • 100 g of chickpea flour
  • 175 ml of beer
  • 75 ml of water
  • 20 g cassava starch
  • 4 potatoes
  • 1 onion
  • Frying olive oil
  • Salt
  1. Peel and thinly slice potatoes and set aside.
  2. Heat a pan with oil. When the oil is hot, fry the potatoes. You can do this step in batches if your pan is small.
  3. While frying the potato, peel the onion, cut in half and then julienne (into strips) .
  4. When you have fried the potato, fry the onion.
  5. Place the potato and fried onion in a colander to release excess oil, add salt and mix.
  6. In the blender jar, add the chickpea flour, the yucca, a pinch of salt, water and beer. Whisk until ingredients are well blended.
  7. In a bowl, pour the mixture over the potatoes and onion and fluff lightly with a fork.
  8. Heat the pan where you will make the tortilla. When hot, brush with a little oil (including the edges).
  9. add the tortilla mixture you have in the bowl to the pan and squash a little so that it is distributed well. Increase the heat for a minute so that the base is toasted. Then lower the heat and let the tortilla cook covered for 5 minutes. After that time, turn the tortilla over, turn up the heat for a minute and a half and cook covered over low heat for another 3-5 minutes.
  10. When it’s done, remove the tortilla from the pan and serve immediately.
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