Vegan pancakes stuffed with chocolate   (pancakes)

Sooo good morning everyone! Today I bring you a vegan recipe for breakfast / snack and enjoy a lot and very strongly: vegan pancakes filled (and covered) with chocolate.

There is no need to say that this is not a recipe for breakfast every day. It’s obviously not a light breakfast, and while it doesn’t take a long time, it does take a while. This recipe is for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning and take the day easy. A recipe to pamper yourself a little longer in bed. For that reason, as it is a punctual whim, I do not skimp on chocolate.


A bowl of wheat flour
1 small teaspoon of baking powder
1 and 1/2 cups of soy milk or the one you like the most (and + reserve non-dairy milk)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 dash of agave syrup (or your favorite sweetener)
1 or 1 and 1/2 chocolate bars black to melt (300-400gr)
Olive oil
Optional: peanut butter.

Step by step

  1. In a large bowl, mix 1 small bowl (cereal bowl size) of flour with 1 tsp of baking powder, 1/2 cinnamon and 1 peanut butter.
    We mix the yeast, cinnamon, butter peanut and non-dairy milk to make the batter for the vegan pancakes.

    We mix the yeast, cinnamon, peanut butter and milk vegetable to make the batter for the vegan pancakes.

  2. Mix well and add 1 and a half cups of soy milk and beat, preferably with a whisk.
  3. < li>Next we add the sweetener, in my case a long stream of agave syrup.

  4. Cut 1/3 of one of the chocolate bars into large cubes and add it to the dough. We mix well.
    We beat and add flavor to our dough to vegan pancakes.

    We whip and add flavor to our vegan pancake batter.

  5. We melt the chocolate, putting it in a resistant container and this container inside a pot with boiling water. This technique is known as ‘heating in a bain-marie’.
  6. Once melted, evenly grease the pan with a cloth or paper towel stained with olive oil. I do it by jet because I’m quite used to it, but if you’re not very good at making pancakes, I recommend you do it that way.
    We melted the dark chocolate and greased the pan

    We melt the dark chocolate and grease the pan

  7. Whip the cream again and pour a small portion into the pan. Keep the heat low.
  8. Grab the pan by the handle and tilt it to the left, right, up and down, ensuring that the dough is evenly distributed.
  9. Quickly, add the melted chocolate over the pancake and close with another portion of dough.
  10. Tilt the pan again, holding the handle, so that the dough is evenly distributed. It’s okay for the top dough to fall over the edges of the bottom dough, because that way we ‘seal’ the pancake and the chocolate doesn’t escape.
  11. Keep it on a low heat.
  12. Depending on the pancake bottom will brown, if you have created thin layers of dough, the top pancake will start to dry out creating small ‘holes’ through which hot air will escape. That means it’s time to flip the pancake over and brown the other side.
    1. Note for dummies: If you notice that the bottom pancake is browning without the top pancake drying out, try lowering the heat and making thinner layers in the next. Turn it over, even if it splashes a little on the top. You can rebuild it with the wooden shovel. It is normal if the first time this does not go very well. The first one didn’t work out for me either.
    2. Note for dummies in trouble: If you see that you pour more dough on top to enclose the chocolate not your thing, make the normal pancakes. Pour the dough into the pan, and without coating it with chocolate, turn it over and toast the other side. Before putting the next pancake on top, spread the bottom one in chocolate. It will be similar.
  13. Repeat the process until you finish with all the dough. Remember to put more olive oil to grease the pan before each new pancake.
    We brown the pancakes, fill with chocolate, we cover and turn.

    Brown the pancakes, fill with chocolate, cover and turn .

  14. Place them one on top of the other and serve them with the melted chocolate on top.
  15. And that’s it!
  16. Share With Your Friends!!

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