Friends of Tea Lovers Project gave me some samples of organic matcha tea from Sayakeshi and the first thing that came to my mind was this recipe for dark chocolate dipped vegan ice cream with pistachios. To prepare them I have used some silicone molds that you will easily find in kitchen material stores or in large surfaces. There are many brands and shapes. You can use the ones you like the most!

  • 300 ml. of vegetable cream for sweetened whipping
  • 10 gr. of matcha
  • 400 gr. of chocolate icing
  • 30 gr. of peeled roasted pistachios (unsalted)
  1. First of all, we will make sure that we have the whipping cream very cold, so we will have to put it with time in the fridge before starting to prepare the ice cream.
  2. Dilute the matcha in 5 tablespoons of hot water and dilute it. The intention is to dilute the matcha with as little liquid as possible. Once diluted, let it cool in the fridge while we whip the cream.
  3. We whip the cream with the help of an electric mixer. To prevent the cream from splashing, we will start beating at a gentle speed and little by little we will increase the speed to the maximum. We will know that the cream is well whipped when it has taken on a firm texture. When the cream is whipped, add the cold matcha and mix with the help of a tongue. Mix until all the cream has a uniform color.
  4. Fill our ice cream molds with the help of a spoon and pressing so that it takes the shape well. We fill in excess and without fear, since what is left over we will sweep with a spatula, so it will be perfectly level. The cream that is left over can be frozen in a container. This way we can use this rest of the ice cream for a dessert or to put in the coffee, for example.
  5. We keep the filled molds in the freezer until the ice creams harden before bathing them with chocolate and pistachios. Along with the ice creams, put a baking tray or a large plate to freeze, since it will be useful later to leave the ice creams right after the chocolate coating.
  6. To prepare the chocolate coating, first chop the pistachios with a knife. It is very likely that the pistachios you buy contain salt. Do not be scared as the point of salt will bring a very interesting taste to the chocolate. When we have the chopped pistachios, we will melt the chocolate little by little in the microwave: we will heat the chocolate at maximum power at intervals of 30 seconds and stir. Once melted, we will add the pistachios. It is advisable to melt the chocolate in a jar or in a container that is tall and narrow, so that bathing the ice cream is much easier and we make better use of the chocolate. You can keep the leftover chocolate in the fridge, well covered, and use it another time.
  7. It’s time to cover each ice cream, and so that we don’t get founded, this work must be done as quickly as possible. We take out the tray or the plate that we have put in the freezer, and put a piece of baking paper on it. As we unmold the ice creams, we bathe them, wait a few seconds for the chocolate to dry almost completely and carefully place them on the tray/plate. When we have all the ice cream bathed, we put them back in the freezer (on top of the tray/plate). After 10 minutes, remove the tray or plate and put the ice cream in a bag to preserve it better.
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