Vegan lentil meatballs in sauce (or are they croquettes?)

Good morning guys! Finally I bring you the recipe for the vegan lentil meatballs that I showed you yesterday on Instagram Stories. As you may have seen, both in the title of the recipe and in the talks we’ve had through Stories, these are vegan meatballs that wanted to be croquettes but stayed in Meatballs. 

InitiallyI wanted to prepare some tender lentil-based meatballs, but since their texture was too soft and I was afraid they would fall apart in the pan, I decided to coat them in breadcrumbs to give them more strength and consistency, hence the came out a hybrid between meatball and croquette. The texture and the dish is closer to a vegetable meatball, but the outside is slightly crispier than meatballs usually are (although there are also traditional fried meatballs, which would be something more similar to today’s plate).


For the vegan lentil meatball:
400 grams of cooked lentils
2 onions
1 garlic
3 large mushrooms
a carrot
Black pepper
Chopped parsley
A neutral oil: I used sunflower.
Spelled flour (or wheat, or a gluten-free alternative)
Olive Oil
For the sauce:
Tomato sauce
1/ 3 cup water
1 Celery
1 carrot
1 small onion
2 garlic cloves
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Ginger powder
Black pepper

Step by step

  1. First, let’s prepare the lentils, the spelled flour, the breadcrumbs, the black pepper, parsley, oregano and basil to prepare the vegan meatballs.Vegan lentil meatballs: Main ingredients.
  2. We will start by chopping the 2 onion, garlic and carrot. We put them in a frying pan with a splash of olive oil and fry it while chopping the mushrooms.
  3. When the onion, garlic and carrot begin to brown, add the mushrooms and we stir Keep over medium heat and, if necessary, add another dash of Olive Oil.We prepare the sauce for the vegan lentil meatballs.
  4. When the ingredients are already tender, add a pinch of basil, parsley, oregano, black pepper and salt.
  5. Stir and fry for a few more minutes until the ingredients are perfectly done.
    We spiced the sauce for the Meatballs.

    We spice the sauce for the Meatballs.

  6. Turn off the heat and pour the sauce and the cooked lentils into a bowl.
    We mix the sofrito with the lentils and grind the dough.

    We mix the sauce with the lentils and grind the dough.

  7. Now, with the hand mixer, blend the dough until smooth.
  8. Next, add 5 tablespoons of flour to the bowl Spelled (or your alternative flour) and 5 tablespoons of breadcrumbs. I recommend that you add them little by little to check the texture, which has to be similar to the photograph in the center, below. If the dough is not dense and moldable, it is very likely that it will fall apart in the pan.
  9. Prepare a deep plate with more breadcrumbs and another clean plate.
  10. With clean hands , we take a portion of dough and, depending on whether we want to make meatballs or croquettes, we give it a rounded and large shape or elongated and smaller.
  11. We coat it in the breadcrumbs and let it rest on the empty plate .
  12. We repeat the action until the dough is finished and, when the meatballs are not hot, we put them in the freezer to make them even stronger and more compact.
    Once the dough is crushed, we shape our Meatballs vegan lentils.

    Once the ground mass is ready, we shape our Vegan lentil meatballs.

  13. Meanwhile, we will prepare the sauce. To do this, peel and chop two garlic cloves, an onion and a celery. We fry it in a frying pan with a pinch of olive oil.
    For the sauce that will accompany our meatballs, we will chop the vegetables and We will fry them. Then we add the tomato.

    For the sauce that will accompany our meatballs, we will chop the vegetables and we will suffer them. Then add the tomato.

  14. When the vegetables are already poached, add tomato sauce until they are covered, 1/3 cup of warm or hot water and stir.
  15. Add the spices: oregano, pepper, ginger, garlic and onion powder.
  16. Let rest in the pan over medium-low heat, while the sauce heats up and acquires the flavor of the vegetables. What we traditionally know as letting it go “Chup chup”.
  17. Leave it for a few minutes and turn off the heat. Then, pour into a small bowl and blend with the hand blender.
  18. The sauce should be light, smooth and completely blended. If you feel it is very dense, you can add a little more hot water and blend.
    We spice and grind the sauce of the Vegan Meatballs.

    We spice and grind the sauce of the Vegan Meatballs.< /p>

  19. Reserve the sauce and retrieve the meatballs from the freezer, but only those that we are going to consume.
  20. Finally, to prepare the vegan lentil meatballs, I heated in a small frying pan (the smallest I had) a finger of sunflower oil, but you can use the oil with a neutral flavor that you usually use.
  21. When the oil is already hot, put the meatball on top and turn a few times until it is completely browned on all sides.

    If we use too little oil it will be counter-productive, since we will have to keep the meatball longer, it will suck more oil and it will also probably fall apart.< /p>

  22. Remove the pan from the oil when it is ready and let it rest on a plate. It shouldn’t have absorbed too much oil, since it will only be in it for a few seconds, but if it isn’t, you can let it rest on a plate with a napkin.
  23. We pour the hot sauce on top and .. .Ready! Enjoy.
With a little hot neutral oil, brown the vegan meatballs on both sides.

With a little hot neutral oil, brown the meatballs vegan on both sides.

Remember to keep the ones you don’t eat that day in the freezer! They will last you weeks in it and will get you out of a hurry on days in a hurry.

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