Tofu meatballs in apricot sauce


  • – for meatballs:
  • 250 gr of fresh tofu block
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Wholemeal flour
  • – for the sauce:
  • 150 grs of apricot kernels
  • 1 or 2 cooked carrots
  • 1 boiled potato
  • Vegetable milk we like best (by eye)
  • Salt
  • < li itemprop = "ingredients"> Water (covering l the ears like a finger above)


Remove the tofu from the container and wrap it with a cloth. leave it for 1/2 hour at room temperature, so that it releases as much whey as possible.

While we poach the finely chopped onion. Cook the peeled carrots a little. Once the cooking of the latter is finished, we will chop them very small. add the chopped carrot, the tofu crumbled with your hands, the sesame, the soy sauce and the spices to the onion.

Mix well so that everything is well distributed. always with low heat, just so that any water it may have evaporates a little.

We form meatballs the size we like and flour them before frying them in the pan with plenty of hot oil. so that when they are floured they do not fall apart, you can pour a little flour into a bowl and put the meatball inside, gently shake the bowl in circles and the meatball is covered in flour by itself.

To remove the excess of oil, put on a plate with absorbent paper.


Cut the dried apricots into small pieces and We leave them to soak in water a few hours before so that they are well hydrated.

The peeled and cooked carrots are put through the blender together with the dried apricots and the rest of the ingredients.

The water that is left over from the hydrated dried apricots can be used to correct the thickness of the sauce and make it lighter if it is to our liking.

The presentation is simple: an oven tray with the sauce at the bottom, the meatballs spread on top, and a few slices of carrot and parsley cut to give some color notes.

Serve very hot.

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