Textured soy lasagna with courgette plates


  • For bechamel:
  • – 2 tablespoons of margarine
  • – 2 tablespoons flour
  • – 450 ml of sugar-free soy milk
  • – a pinch of nutmeg
  • – salt
  • For the plates:
  • – a large zucchini
  • – salt
  • For the filling:
  • – 1/2 chives
  • – 3 cups textured soybeans (thin / medium)
  • – 2 or 3 tender garlic
  • – 1/3 cup tomato sauce
  • – a little oregano
  • – a little basil
  • – salt


It is a simple but somewhat laborious recipe. Whenever I do something with bechamel in the middle, it’s the first thing I get rid of because you have to be very aware of it while you’re doing it. so to start in a pot over medium heat we put the two tablespoons of butter and let them melt. When it is ready, add the flour and stir with a whisk for a little while so that everything is mixed and the flour cooks. now we lower the heat and add the milk little by little, without stopping stirring and we also add a little salt and a pinch of nutmeg. we want it to have a texture like custard. When it’s ready, remove it from the heat and set aside.

Now we’re going to start with the filling. Before starting with the bechamel you can soak the textured soybeans. in the ingredients I put fine/medium, because the one I use puts fine, but there are some brands where the fine is very, very, very fine. not of that we want you to have something to chew on. Well, while we leave the soybeans draining, we chop the spring onion and the spring garlic and put them in a pan with a bottom of oil over medium/high heat, so that they brown. You can already add a pinch of salt to help them sweat a little. Now we raise the heat and add the soy. I always add a splash of oil to it while I stir it because the aunt absorbs everything that was in the pan too quickly and in the end it ends up toasting instead of browning. and what we want is for it to be golden brown. so when it is at that point we can lower the heat to a minimum and add the tomato sauce. We also add a little of the bechamel (2 or 3 tablespoons) so that we have a compact filling. I skimped and that’s why it fell apart a bit when serving the portions. with that on you bechamel to cover the last layer is enough. now we can add the basil and oregano and remove the mixture from the heat.

To make the plates we simply peel the zucchini (or not, as you wish) and cut thin strips. eye, not very very finite. with the grater it doesn’t work. about 2 or 3 millimeters. more or less like a normal plate of pasta for lasagna. if you have a mandoline that allows you to cut with that thickness… then work that you save.

When you have the plates ready (more or less 3 per level. I made it with 3 levels of filling, more the upper part… 3×4… 12 plates approx.) We put them on the grill over medium heat to cook them and brown them a little. and now all that remains is to assemble.

We put the oven to heat in the gratin position. We smear a baking dish with a little margarine and put a bottom of zucchini, stuffing, zucchini, stuffing, zucchini, stuffing and zucchini!

Put the bechamel on top (if it solidified when it cooled, heat it and remove it a little before) and also add some grated vegetable cheese (I used saturn from divine teresa). We put it in the oven for a couple of minutes, watching because it doesn’t char at all, and when the cheese is golden brown, we turn it off and we have it ready to serve. Of course you can also leave it made the day before. in that case I would not add the cheese yet. first I would warm up about 10 min. the lasagna, and then I would add the cheese and au gratin.

I hope you don’t regret voting for this dish. Although I ate it burning hot, the truth is that I really enjoyed it. enjoy!

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