Tangerine cake and three flours


  • 3 medium sized tangerines
  • 1 natural soy yogurt
  • 1 measure of sunflower oil yogurt
  • 2 measures of panela yogurt (can also be white or brown sugar)
  • 3 measures of yogurt each with these flours: wheat, corn and carob
  • 1 sachet of chemical yeast
  • Pinch of salt


In a large bowl or container in which you can stir to taste, pour in this order and mix with each ingredient that is added: yogurt, oil, panela or sugar, flour, salt and yeast.

It will be a compact dough that is somewhat difficult to work with when stirring.

Let it rest.

And turn on the oven at 180º to let it preheat.

Wash one of the tangerines well and grate all its skin.

Peel this tangerine and the other two, take out the segments and if they have seeds, remove them.

We put it through the blender along with the zest so that there is a kind of tangerine juice but with the fiber.

We add it to the dough that we had left resting and mix everything well.

We spread oil in a rectangular mold (if it is made of silicone it is not necessary to add more fat because it will not stick) and pour the mixture.

We take it to the oven, with heat up and down and we put it in a lower middle zone.

We leave it cooking for about 20-25 minutes or until we see that it rises in the central area and is firm.

I like to give the biscuits a gratin blow at the last minute so that the top layer remains crunchy, like caramelized, but it really isn’t necessary, that’s how you want it.

We take it out of the oven and let it cool before unmolding.

To decorate I used some tangerine segments, but more than anything to give color to the photo because the cake is so juicy that it does not need any icing, or cream or added more.

Enjoy it!!.

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