These carrot and cucumber makis are quite simple to start in the preparation of sushi, in addition, since they do not contain raw fish, they are suitable for vegans and for all those who do not call attention to take the fish without cooking.

In the recipe we explain how to make the makis step by step, although it is recommended that you read our entry on the basics of sushi, as the ingredients for making sushi are explained in more detail.



  • 150 gramos de arroz japonés (sushi-mesi)
  • 150 mililitros de agua
  • 30 mililitros de preparado de vinagre de arroz (sushi-zu)
  • 4 tiras de zanahoria
  • 4 tiras de pepino
  • 1 alga nori
  • Salsa de soja
  • Wasabi
  • Jengibre encurtido o en conserva (gari)


  1. First we have to make the rice gohan. To do this, you can follow our gohan rice recipe or the one you like the most (you can find the recipe [here]).
  2. To make the makis we have to cut the nori seaweed in half as if it were a sheet of paper. The cut must be parallel to the lines that the seaweed has. We can split it with our hands or with scissors, although the ideal is to do it with our hands.
  3. We place the makisu or bamboo mat with the flat part facing up, although our makisu has both rounded faces. We put the nori seaweed with the shiny part in contact with the makisu. We wet our hands and pat to remove excess water (we give a couple of palms). We take the rice and make a ball, which we color on our nori seaweed, leaving about two centimeters on top of the seaweed. We spread the gohan rice carefully, trying to make it as homogeneous as possible. It is important that our hands are wet throughout the process, otherwise the rice will stick to our hands and it will be more difficult to work with the sushi, but we cannot have our hands too wet because the algae will soften.
  4. Put two carrot strips and two cucumber strips on top of our rice, press down a little so they don’t move when we close our maki. You can add a little wasabi on top of the rice before adding the vegetables, but we prefer not to, since not everyone likes the same amount of wasabi, so we put it aside so that everyone can take what they want. want.
  5. We already have all the ingredients, we only have to close the maki. To do this, we will use three fingers, the thumb, the middle and the index. With the thumb we lift the mat and with the heart we hold the seaweed. We lift the mat and when we reach the area where the rice ends, we close the mat using three fingers, touching the edge of the mat to the seaweed and leaving out the part of the nori that does not have rice. We lift the mat, push forward and close by pressing again using the three fingers. We repeat this last step one more time.
  6. To cut the sushi, we wet a knife with a little water. The ideal is to put the tip of the knife in a container with water, and let a drop slide down the edge of the blade. We cut the maki in half, put the two pieces together and cut it in half again. We repeat once more, until we have 8 pieces.
  7. All that remains is to present the makis accompanied by a little soy sauce, wasabi and gari.
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