Good morning guys! I finally write from the new apartment with the move finished and everything returning to normal, but in an improved version. It took me almost a month lol. I moved to Valencia on July 29th and I am writing to you on August 24th, although to be honest I thought it would take much longer to get back to normality in the blog and the rest of my work. I have to tell you that these weeks have been very crazy but I finally have my room set up and the space for the photography of the dishes ready. If you remember, in the previous recipe I told you that you were going to have to apologize for the subject of the photos and the publication of recipes. Well, as I was sayingI already have the space for photos ready. I have built a table specifically for the photos, imitating the space I had in my previous house so that I could continue taking the photos normally. But now it’s better, because having a table only for photos, I always have it ready to shoot the plates. I show you how my room and workspace are looking:

Before you ask me: I can’t use the cupboards, that’s why I have the bed there. LOL. What a barrage of questions on Instagram on the subject of cabinets! Little by little this corner is becoming less of a house and more of a home . Although I still need a good oven. Do you remember that I told you that we had an old oven that was quite bad? Well, right now it doesn’t work. It has been broken  .


1 bowl of flour (I used wheat)
1 and a half cups of non-dairy milk
1/3 tbsp. powdered yeast soup
3 tbsp. soups of agave syrup (or your favorite sweetener)
3 handfuls of fresh blueberries + extra to decorate
Blueberry jam
Olive oil
Optional: A little cinnamon powder

Step by step

    1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl dry: flour, yeast and cinnamon to taste. We remove well. (In the photo you can see that there is a little less than 1 bowl, but then I added more to complete the entire bowl)
    2. Then add the cup and a half of non-dairy milk and mix very well. Then, add the three handfuls of blueberries and the agave syrup (3 tablespoons is what I added) The texture should be creamy and thick but fluid. That is to say: it has to fall off the spoon slowly, not as if it were yogurt. If not, you can play with the texture by adding more milk or more flour. (Look at the fourth photo).
    3. Grease the base of the pan with olive oil (a little bit, only) and heat over medium high heat. When it is hot, lower it to a minimum heat and add dough in the center, leaving it a good thickness.
    4. Let it brown on the bottom and let the heat rise and dry the part that is up a little . Move the pan so that the pancake slides if necessary so as not to stick.
    5. Later, turn it over with a spatula and let it brown on the other side.
    6. Finally we serve with blueberry jam and fresh blueberries decorating on top.

And that’s it! To devour your vegan pancakes 

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