Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

I love strawberries, so when it’s the season I take the opportunity to wear purple, the problem is that sometimes we buy them in large quantities and they start to go bad, when that happens, since I don’t like to waste food, I use recipes that help me preserve it better or use it up sooner.



  • 8 fresas
  • 100 mililitros de leche vegetal
  • 1 yogur de soja
  • 2 cucharadas de azúcar moreno
  • Nata de soja para montar


  1. In a blender or food processor add the strawberries, the milk, the yogurt and the sugar and beat until there is a liquid mixture and little bubbles come out.
  2. In a cold bowl pour the cream also very cold and We assemble with a rod blender or by hand, although if you like it better or if you find it more comfortable you can use a pot of whipped cream. We have assembled it by hand, since it works well for us and it is more comfortable for us.
  3. We place the cream on top with the help of a pastry bag or if you do not want to complicate life, with a spoon.
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