Ensalada de espinacas

And now we only have to eat this delicious dish that, in addition to being healthy, is fresh and very simple to prepare. Enjoy your meal!



  • 50 gramos de brotes de espinacas
  • 1 tomate, en nuestro caso de 180 gramos aproximadamente
  • 6 nueces, de unos 30 gramos en total
  • 12 aceitunas (¡o las que queráis!)
  • Sal
  • Vinagre balsámico de Módena
  • Aceite de oliva virgen extra


  1. Wash the spinach shoots and tomato . It is important to drain the sprouts well so that the salad does not end up watery, we use a lettuce spinner, although it is not necessary.
  2. Cut the tomato into cubes of 1 centimeter on each side more or less and cut the shoots in half approximately. Peel the walnuts, chop them and reserve.
  3. Mix the spinach and tomato, add the chopped walnuts, add the salt, vinegar and oil and stir so that the dressing is evenly distributed. Finally, we distribute the olives.
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