We are always testing new kitchen utensils and machines because it is our job and also because we love to cook. The machine that we use the most is undoubtedly the mixer, it is very rare the day that we do not do it. We already had two glass blenders and one for travel, but some of you had asked us about the BioChef High Performance Blender, so when they offered us to try it, we didn’t think twice. I want to test it in depth before making a post talking about it, but it works perfectly and the most interesting thing of all is its price, it is much more affordable than other high-end blenders and at the moment there is no recipe that has resisted me.

You can make a smoothie to prevent or remedy many health problems and today I bring you this smoothie to improve digestion. It is perfect for the properties of its ingredients, which you can read below. In addition I recommend that you take it little by little because digestion begins in the mouth and you have to chew and salivate the shakes to make them more digestible. It is a lot of food and we cannot drink them as if they were water, in fact some people have stomach discomfort when they start in the world of smoothies and many times it is usually because of that. It is also important to eat slowly and until you are full.



  • 2 naranjas
  • 1 zanahoria
  • 2 plátanos
  • 1 trozo de jengibre (2 cm ó 1 pulgada de grosor)
  • 1 taza de agua (250 ml)


  1. Wash and peel the ingredients.
  2. Cut them up and put them in the blender.
  3. Whip until well combined.
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