We are back! We have been resting for a few days, so we have not been able to respond to emails and comments, but we are already working on it. So that the return to the routine is not so hard, we have prepared this refreshing sangria without alcohol and without sugar, a healthier alternative but just as delicious (we like it even better than the original version).

Sangria is a typical Spanish drink that is usually made with wine, chopped fruit and some sweetener. There are also those who add some liquor or spices such as cinnamon. Our version is simple but has a spectacular flavor.



  • 4 tazas de mosto (1 litro)
  • 1/4 de taza de ar├índanos (40 gramos)
  • 1 taza de zumo de naranja (250 mililitros)
  • El zumo de 1 lima
  • 2 naranjas
  • 2 pl├ítanos
  • 2 limas
  • 2 melocotones
  • 3/4 de taza de ar├índanos (120 gramos)


  1. In a blender we beat the must with 1 /4 cup cranberries (40 grams) on low power until cranberries are well blended and must is red. Pour the mixture into a container, jug or bowl.
  2. Add the orange juice and lime juice and stir to integrate with the previous mixture.
  3. We cut the fruits into small pieces (oranges, bananas, limes and peaches). Reserve.
  4. Put ice in the container in which we are going to marinate the sangria. Add the liquid mixture, the chopped fruit and the blueberries. Stir and let stand for at least two hours in the fridge.
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