The following weekend did not go so well… we met up with other friends to go on an excursion to Montserrat, a fairly bare mountain and it also coincided with a very hot day. I, an inexperienced hiker and without having assumed the caloret that I was already doing, went hiking without a hat and having had a super light dinner, and there I was, climbing Montserrat in the sun. By the time we made our first stop, an hour or so after we started, I was in for a drag. We continued the excursion, we arrived at the Montserrat Monastery, we ate and we also walked back to the car. When I got home, the first thing I did was go to bed, hoping to be recovered in 2 hours to go see the Champions League final. The rest and the shower helped me, but after the first half of the game I started to  the fever went up and I began to feel very tired… the next day I was still suffering from the consequences of heat stroke. So I spent the day in bed, completely exhausted and dizzy, unable to cook. You know, if you go on an excursion, especially don’t miss the sun cream, neither the water nor the hat!

  • 3 eggplants
  • 400gr of crushed tomato
  • 1 small can of whole peeled tomato
  • 1 bunch of fresh basil < / li>
For cheese:
  • ½ glass of cashew nuts
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp brewer’s yeast
  • A little water
  1. We will start by washing the aubergines and cutting them into thin slices. We salt the cut eggplant and leave it in a colander.
  2. Meanwhile, we will prepare our vegan cheese. To do this, it will be necessary to soak the cashew nuts for 2 hours. Once this time has passed, we drain the water and grind them together with the lemon juice and the brewer’s yeast. As we grind, we add water until there is a cream without lumps and with the desired consistency.
  3. When we have prepared the vegan cheese, we clean and drain the aubergines that we had reserved and grease them with olive oil. We heat a pan and when it is very hot, we roast the aubergines in batches. There is no need to put oil in the pan, since we have already greased the aubergines. Nor should we worry if there are pieces of aubergine that are not completely roasted, since we will finish cooking in the oven. Reserve the roasted aubergines.
  4. In the same hot pan, add a little oil and fry the crushed tomato together with the whole tomatoes, which we will chop a little into the same pan with the help of the wooden shovel or spoon that we are using at that moment. When the tomato is fried, add the chopped basil leaves and a little salt. If the sauce is very acid, we can rectify it with a little sugar or agave syrup.
  5. We spread the base of the dish with a little tomato sauce, and we are making layers of eggplant, alternating with tomato sauce. Let the aubergines finish roasting in the oven at 180º for 20 minutes. Once the aubergines are cooked, cover with a final layer of vegan cashew cheese and serve hot.
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