Risotto with mushrooms


  • 400 gr. of rice
  • 1 or 2 chives
  • 1. carrot
  • 1 beautiful leek
  • 500 gr. of mushrooms
  • 1 l .of broth
  • Oil and salt


In a saucepan with a little oil, fry the chopped leek, carrot and spring onion.

Clean the mushrooms by removing the lower part of the stem and the possible remains of earth. Next, chop them and add to the vegetables. Season and sauté everything together.

Add the rice and sauté again. Add the broth little by little while stirring. Let it cook for 20 minutes. As the rice is made, pour more broth and stir. Serve this mushroom risotto on a platter garnished with a sprig of parsley.

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