This recipe is typical of Louisiana and its original name is red beans and rice. It is not vegan, since it is usually made with meat, but if we eliminate it, it is a very rich dish, healthier and 100% vegetable. 

If you want, you can also add some substitute, such as vegan sausages, chopped tempeh or whatever comes to mind, but we like it better that way because it is a simpler version and it is very tasty. In addition, most of the substitutes they sell are usually processed (tempeh and tofu are a good option) and with beans and vegetables it is more than enough.



  • 1/2 taza de arroz blanco (100 g), nosotros usamos arroz blanco de grano corto
  • 2 dientes de ajo, troceados
  • 1/2 cebolla, troceada
  • 1/2 pimiento verde grande ó 1 pequeño, troceado
  • 1 cucharadita de tomillo seco
  • 1/2 cucharadita de pimentón dulce
  • 1/8 cucharadita de pimienta negra molida
  • Una pizca de sal
  • Una pizca de cayena en polvo (opcional)
  • 1 hoja de laurel
  • 400 g alubias rojas de bote o cocinadas (14 oz)
  • 1 taza de caldo de verduras o agua (250 ml)


  1. Cook the rice according to the instructions on the package . Reserve.
  2. In a pot put a little oil, vegetable broth or water and when it is hot, add the vegetables (garlic, onion and green pepper) to the fire medium-high for about 5 minutes or until golden brown.
  3. Add the spices and herbs (thyme, paprika, pepper, salt, cayenne, and bay).
  4. Add the beans to the vegetable stock or water, stir and cook over medium-high heat for about 10 minutes.
  5. To make the stew thicker, we beat part of the stew with a hand mixer, although you can also use a fork or potato masher.
  6. Immediately serve the beans with the rice. We put a little fresh parsley on top, but it is optional. It’s also common to serve this dish with a bit of hot sauce on top.
  7. You can store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge separately for a few  4-5 days.


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