Quinoa Stuffed Pumpkins


  • 3 pumpkins you want, at 425 degrees fahrenheit
  • 2 to 3 cups of quinoa
  • ½ chile bell pepper
  • 1 tza ½ chopped mushroom
  • ¼ chopped onion
  • ¼ tza chopped walnut
  • ¾ cup of cranberry
  • 2 cloves garlic.
  • ½ thyme cda
  • ½ chili powder
  • ½ cda of cumin
  • Salt and pepper to taste (optional olive oil or 1 lemon)


Split the pumpkin in half and place them upside down in a baking pan, if you like you can add a little oil and put them in the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes but you must check them to see how they are going.


Use tricolor quinoa and white quinoa but you can use the quinoa you want (put them to heat with 2 cups of water, as if it were rice ).

We are going to mix it with the rest of the ingredients, ½ bell pepper of the color you want, 1 cup ½ chopped mushroom, ¼ chopped onion, ¼ cup chopped walnut. ¾ cup of dried cranberry, 2 cloves of garlic. season ½ tablespoon of thyme, ½ tablespoon of chili powder, ½ tablespoon of cumin, salt and pepper to taste (optional olive oil or 1 lemon) mix everything very well.

Remove the pumpkins ( to check if they are ready you should try to remove what is inside with a spoon without using force).

Now fill the pumpkins with the quinoa salad.

They look precious!.

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