In summer, salads are a basic, well, we eat them throughout the year but it is now when they are most desired because of how refreshing they are and because they are prepared in a moment.

This potato salad with ranch sauce has been a real discovery and the best thing is that the sauce is completely homemade and is free of dairy and eggs.



  • 400 gramos de patatas (14 onzas)
  • 1/2 cebolleta
  • 12 tomates cherry
  • 1/2 taza de maíz (90 gramos)
  • 12 aceitunas verdes
  • Salsa ranchera


  1. Steam or boil the potatoes abundant hot water for about 20 minutes or until they are done. Let cool.
  2. In a bowl add the potatoes, chopped spring onion and cherry tomatoes, corn and green olives. We use frozen corn, so we cook it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and let it cool.
  3. Add ranch sauce to taste and let sit in the fridge until cold , the ideal is to leave it for about two hours.
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