Very good to everyone! We close this week with one last improvised recipe. This Potato Cake was my meal yesterday, improvised thanks to leftover ingredients from other vegetable recipes that I was preparing. It’s easy, cheap, and perfect for curing a craving for a hot, filling dish.

This cake is filled with very thin slices of aubergine, sautéed in the pan so that they are half tender and half toasted. Accompanied by a tomato sauce with peas and spiced with oregano. a delight


3 potatoes
200 gr of cooked peas
1 aubergine
Tomato sauce
Salt< br> Olive oil
1/2 Lemon
Recommended: a rectangular mold about 10 cm wide by 25 cm long. You can use your usual pan as long as it’s taller than it is wide.

Step by step

  1. The first thing we will do is peel and cut the potatoes into medium cubes. We put them to cook in a pot with plenty of water. We will cook them at a gentle boil, until we can pierce the potatoes with a fork without difficulty.
  2. Next, we will peel and cut the aubergine into thin slices.
  3. Grease the base of a frying pan with olive oil and place the aubergines on top.
  4. Let them brown over medium-low heat, until they are tender and crispy.
  5. Go oiling the driest parts of the eggplant if you see that they are being toasted too much. The idea is that they are tender, so you will need to grease the pan with each turn-and-turn of the aubergines.
  6. When they are golden brown, cover them with generous tomato sauce (see the 4th photo below ) and keep on medium-low heat.
    We cut the eggplant and sauté it

    Cut the eggplant and sauté it

  7. We add generous oregano and salt to taste and the peas on top. We keep it at medium-low heat, so that little by little the tomato reduces and impregnates the aubergines.
  8. On the other hand, we remove the already cooked potatoes and put them on a plate. Mash with a fork until you get a creamy puree.
    Add the peas, oregano and let it reduce.

    Add the peas, oregano and let reduce.

  9. To the purée we add a generous splash of olive oil, a pinch of salt, a touch of oregano and a generous splash of half a lemon.
  10. Crush and mix well.
  11. Next, place a generous base of about 1.5 or 2 cm of mashed potatoes at the base of our mould. We place it all over the base carefully, trying not to leave any egg and, with a slightly wet spoon, gently flatten the entire surface until it is compact. This is important so that the cut of the potato cake is clean and does not fall apart when you serve it.
  12. Pour all the aubergine and pea sauce on top and spread it all over the mould.
    We spice the puree and assemble our potato cake.

    We spice the puree and assemble our potato cake.< /p>

  13. Place the rest of the potato on top, and as with the base, make sure there are no gaps.
  14. Grease the top of the cake of potato with a little more olive oil (so that it gratins well and does not dry out too much.
  15. Put it in the oven for about 15 minutes, turned on from the top, at about 200 degrees. The time can vary depending on Depending on the type of oven, in any case, the ideal is to be careful and check that it doesn’t burn, just gratin and toast a little.
  16. We remove it and serve it very hot! 🙂
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