Pita bread is a very healthy and rich bread that is used in many cuisines of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East.

It is a healthier alternative to sandwich bread since we can also fill it with whatever we like the most. Our version is wholemeal but it is also delicious if made with white flour.



  • 1 cucharadita de levadura seca
  • 320 gramos de harina de fuerza integral (o harina de fuerza blanca)
  • 1 cucharadita de sal
  • 2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • 230 mililitros de agua


  1. In a small bowl add the yeast and 40 milliliters of warm water, mix them, wait 5 minutes and stir again.
  2. In a large bowl, mix the flour and salt. We make a hole in the center and add the yeast mixed with the water that we had in the other container, 190 milliliters of warm water and the olive oil. We remove with our hands or with a wooden spoon and when the dough is more or less integrated we pass it to a floured surface. Knead until elastic and soft.
  3. Place the dough in a bowl greased with oil and cover it with a damp cloth. Let it rest in a warm place, preferably for an hour or an hour and a half, until it doubles in temperature.
  4. After that time, take the dough and hit it on a floured surface as if it were a punching bag, well, not so much, that you don’t have to go overboard either.
  5. We give the dough a cylindrical shape with about 5 centimeters wide and cut into 6 more or less equal pieces.
  6. Work the pieces of dough one by one, leaving the others covered with a cloth. With the piece that we are working with, we make a ball and knead it to form an oval about 18 centimeters long. If we like to give it a round shape, no problem.
  7. We transfer the loaves to a lightly floured baking tray and place them three by three on two trays (because we don’t we could fit more). We cover them with a cloth and let them rest for 20 minutes in a warm place if possible.
  8. With the oven preheated to 240 degrees, bake each tray for 5 minutes. After that time we pass the loaves to a rack and paint them with a brush dipped in water. When they have cooled just enough to eat them, we can feast on our delicious pita breads.
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