One day while surfing the internet I came across «Fat, sick and nearly dead» (fat, sick and almost dead), a documentary that Despite having a somewhat dramatic name, I found it very interesting. It recounts the experience of an Australian who, as the name suggests, was overweight and suffered from various health problems, reaching a complete recovery based on fruit and vegetable smoothies. The experiment, which lasted 60 days, has helped many other people who have joined this initiative, improving their quality of life. I leave you the link in case you are interested I am not going to join this movement because I consider that the most appropriate thing is to have a healthy diet that includes as many healthy foods as possible, but it is true that as a result of seeing it I became interested in smoothies and I have to say that now I love them, since they can help us maintain the figure and even lose weight. Although they are very healthy, I do not usually consume them more than a couple of times a week because I prefer to eat whole fruits that provide fiber, unlike juices.

What do the ingredients of this smoothie give us?



  • 140 gramos de piña
  • 1 naranja
  • 1 pera
  • 4 fresas y una extra para decorar el vaso y que quede más mono


  1. First I want to clarify what to do the smoothie is necessary to have a blender and thus be able to extract the juice from the fruits. On the other hand, the amount of fruit is approximate, since not all fruits have the same amount of water and you still need a different amount than the one that appears in the recipe.
  2. This is the simplest recipe in the world, just put the fruits in the blender in small pieces and we will have our refreshing smoothie, stir well so that the different juices are mixed and we have it ready.
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