Veganism does not mean giving up our favorite and traditional dishes. I am referring to those that your parents or grandparents prepared for you when you were little: potato omelette, pâtés, sandwiches… And if I think of a dish that my mother prepared for me in the summer, it was undoubtedly the Russian salad.

The Russian salad is one of those recipes that I want in summer. Forever. Just take it out of the fridge and eat it by the spoonful to alleviate the heat and those drops of sweat that fall on your forehead… Arg! That’s why today I’m bringing you this recipe, but in a vegan version (where the mayonnaise doesn’t have an egg). A good Russian salad is as easy as it is quick and delicious. It’s perfect for a casual snack with friends. A summer day of chats in the shade, and accompany it with a little hummus and some carrot crudités, a refreshing lemonade, an ice-cold juice or a summer red wine. 


Rye bread
For the vegan Russian salad
2 large potatoes
2 carrots< < /strong>
1 small cup of sunflower oil
1/3 small cup of unsweetened soy milk
1/2 Garlic
A pinch of black salt (ideal because it tastes like eggs, if you don’t have it, use common salt)
1/2 Lemon
*We will need a hand blender
Fresh green asparagus
Olive oil< /p>

Step by step

  1. If we use a frozen bag for Russian salad, pour the content into plenty of boiling water and leave cook for 5-10 minutes or the time indicated on the package. Then, go directly to step number 6.
  2. If we use fresh vegetables, peel and cut into small cubes (+ or – 1cm) of potato.
  3. Put plenty of water to boil and, when it is already boiling, put the potato in to cook.
  4. Next, peel and cut the carrot into small cubes as well, and the round green beans in strips no more than 3 cm. We put it in the same pot.
  5. Let it cook for 5-8 minutes and prick the potato and the bean to check how tender they are. If they are already tender, we add the peas in case we use frozen peas. If they are canned, no.
  6. When the vegetables are as tender as you like (about 15 min. of cooking time if you use fresh vegetables, but this can vary) turn off the heat, strain the water and run through cold water to speed up cooling.
  7. Set aside and let cool. If you’re using canned peas, now’s the time to add them.
  8. Meanwhile, we’re going to prepare the vegan mayonnaise. To do this, mix the small cup of sunflower oil with a garlic.
  9. Add the 1/3 small cup of unsweetened soy milk, a pinch of black salt, and grind from top to bottom, gently , until it becomes creamy.
  10. Now, add a squeeze of lemon and blend again.
    Vegan mayonnaise. Egg-free mayonnaise. Vegetable mayonnaise.

    Vegan mayonnaise. Eggless Mayonnaise. Vegetable mayonnaise.

  11. Put the mayonnaise in the fridge and let it cool.
  12. Now, toast the bread and sauté the asparagus with a very small splash of olive oil.
  13. Finally, we mix the Russian salad with the vegan mayonnaise (add more black salt if you want more flavor than the traditional egg mayonnaise) and place it on the bread.
    We mix the vegan mayonnaise with the Russian salad and toast the bread and asparagus.

    We mix the vegan mayonnaise with the Russian salad and toast the bread and asparagus.

  14. Before serving, place  asparagus in small pieces on top.


  15. And voila!
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