We bring you another light recipe to compensate for the Christmas excesses while enjoying a delicious, exotic, easy and also warm dish, which with the cold weather, is what you want.

Miso soup is one of the main dishes of Japanese cuisine. The most important ingredient is miso, a flavored soybean paste, it also usually contains dashi (fish broth), spring onion and leek, although you can also add other vegetables. Our version is 100% vegetable, so we have dispensed with the dashi and have only added vegetables (spring onion and leek).



  • 1 litro de agua
  • 12 gramos de alga wakame deshidratada
  • 3 cucharadas de miso
  • 175 gramos de tofu
  • 100 gramos de verduras (puerro y cebolleta)


  1. We put the water in a pot and when start to boil we take a little water to a glass to dissolve the miso. In the rest of the water we add the wakame seaweed. Leave them for about 5 minutes or until they are completely hydrated (they will turn green and increase quite a bit in size).
  2. Dissolve the miso in the water, stirring it with a spoon. Reserve.
  3. Add the diced tofu and cook the soup over medium heat for about 5 minutes. You can add the vegetables at this time if you like them very well done, at the last moment to make them slightly soft, or serve them raw in your soup to make them crispier and to take full advantage of their nutrients, it’s a matter of taste.
  4. When the soup is ready, we take it off the heat, add the miso with the water, stir and it’s ready to serve.
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