Kombucha and fruit cocktail (Komtail)

Lately I have become quite fond of Kombucha, although I admit that it was after spending some time trying brands that, honestly, I did not like at all. The fact is that there is a lot of talk about the benefits of Kombucha at the digestive level, so I decided to try it again and the truth is that I have been drinking it weekly for two or three months, until the day before yesterday that it occurred to me, why don’t we give it a spin? to this drink and create something a little more fun? Besides that I have the drinks section quite a lot abandoned… So I bring you a quick and easy recipe to make aKombucha Cocktail.

think it is something hilarious and very original for birthdays, parties and gatherings in general (although we are not in a good time for that, we can save the idea for the not too distant future). It is a very good way to replace the alcoholic base of any cocktail with a fermented drink, which you can also find in different flavors.


1/2 pineapple

1 kombucha (I used carrot and turmeric flavor)

1 handful frozen blueberries


1 piece of mango

Grated coconut

1 slice of orange

Optional : white chia

Step by step

      1. We will start by cutting the pineapple in half, cut the inside edge of the pineapple with a knife, leaving a 1 cm margin.
      2. Then, cut the inside into cubes and we remove it with a spoon.
      3. We fill with the Kombucha and place the frozen blueberries, the pineapple cubes that we have removed from the interior, some small ice cubes and an orange slice.
        Empty the pineapple and fill with Kombucha

        Empty the pineapple and fill with Kombucha

      4. Finally, we add a slice of mango and to decorate: white chia (optional), grated coconut and a reusable straw, I used a bamboo one.
        We decorate the kombucha cocktail with grated coconut and fruit

        We decorate the kombucha cocktail with grated coconut and fruit

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