Fruits and vegetables should be a very important part of our diet because they are full of nutrients and they can also help us prevent and combat many ailments and diseases such as anemia. There are several types of anemia, but the most common is iron deficiency anemia, which is caused by iron deficiency.

Contrary to what is believed, anemia does not have to be more common in vegans or vegetarians, as long as we eat a balanced diet, although the same thing happens to the rest of the population, if we do not eat well, we will have deficiencies. Don’t be scared, you don’t have to be a nutritionist or follow a specific diet, just eat a variety of fruits and vegetables (better if they are raw), legumes, healthy fats (seeds, nuts, avocado, coconut, etc.), cereals whole grains and other healthy carbohydrates such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. The ideal is to buy what is in season and if we can afford to eat organic, much better.



  • 2 pepinos (300 g)
  • 2 puñados de acelgas (70 g)
  • 1 remolacha
  • 1 manzana
  • 1 limón
  • 1 trocito de jengibre fresco (1 cm ó 1/2 pulgada)


  1. Peel and chop the ingredients and add them a little little by little in the juice extractor.
  2. You can take the juice as it is, although I personally prefer to strain it.


  • If the ingredients are organic, it is not necessary to peel them. If you are going to discard the pulp, you don’t even need to peel the lemon, but if you are going to reuse it, be careful because it can make the dish you prepare bitter. The first time we made hamburgers they were a bit bitter and that was why.
  • You can eliminate or replace any ingredient with another that you have on hand.
  • The ideal is to consume the juice freshly done, but if you want to store or transport it, it is best to fill a pot, jar or container (glass if possible) to the top and put a lid on it, leaving as little oxygen as possible to prevent oxidation. Consume it within a maximum of one day to make the most of its nutrients.
  • To make the most of fruits and vegetables, I usually pass the remaining pulp through the juice extractor a second time and thus extract a little more juice and save some money.
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