Everyone (especially women) wants perfect skin, we spend a lot of money on cosmetics trying to have the look of the famous and at the slightest imperfection we panic. I was like that too, I used a thousand different products and was (almost) addicted to make-up in order to be divine from death, until I realized that this was not the solution and that we do not need to have the computer-retouched skin that we see in magazines to be happy, among other things because it is not something real, I am not saying that there are not people with beautiful skin because there are, but it is not the case of the majority and nothing happens.

The skin is a reflection of our interior, so if we want it to be healthy and beautiful, we must take care of ourselves from within by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is also important to let it breathe, use the most natural products possible and not put on makeup all the time.



  • 1 remolacha
  • 2 naranjas
  • 2 zanahorias
  • 2 manzanas rojas
  • 1 pepinos
  • 1 ramita de apio


  1. Wash all ingredients.
  2. Cut the fruits and vegetables.
  3. Put everything through the juicer.
  4. Strain the juice to improve the texture (optional).


  • Beetroot has a very characteristic flavor that not everyone likes, but you can add less quantity or replace it with another reddish-colored fruit or vegetable, such as some red fruit.
  • If you do not use organic fruits and vegetables, the ideal is to peel them.
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