There are many ways to replace the egg in vegan cooking, but to prepare sweet recipes, my preferred option is the flax or flaxseed egg because it has a very similar consistency to an egg and does not add flavor as is the case with bananas or  apple sauce. It also has a similar volume and is very easy to prepare, you just have to beat flax seeds with water or mix the already ground seeds with water in a container and wait about 5 minutes until it has a viscous consistency, similar to that of an egg. It is a fairly cheap, simple and natural option and luckily we can already find flax seeds in many supermarkets.

How to Make a Flax or Linseed Egg.- The flax or linseed egg is an economical and healthy option to substitute to the egg in sweet vegan recipes. In addition, it does not add flavor and is very easy to prepare.


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