I’ve wanted to have a dehydrator for a long time to prepare recipes that preserve the nutrients in food and as soon as I received it, the first thing I did was dehydrate fruits, I can’t help it, I’m a fruit addict!

I love dehydrated fruits, they are a very healthy snack to snack on between meals and they are perfect for traveling because they keep well and give us a lot of energy. I also often add dried fruit to my porridge or the homemade granola.



  • 2 plátanos
  • 4 kiwis
  • 1 mango
  • 2 manzanas rojas
  • 8 ó 10 fresas


  1. Chop the fruits very finely (about 2 or 3 mm thick) with a knife or with the help of a mandolin.
  2. Place them on the trays, put them inside the dehydrator and dehydrate at 45ºC or 113ºF for about 6 hours or until completely dry. The time may vary depending on the fruit you use and the thickness. If you want it to take less time, you can dehydrate them at 60 or 65ºC, although it will not preserve all the nutrients.
  3. I usually keep them in a lunch box at room temperature.
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