Sooooo good! The best of this fall-winter has arrived and is in the form of Ramen. I have finally prepared my first Homemade Ramen of the season and today I bring you the recipe.

This is a simple version of the typical ramen, since I am not – far from it – an expert in Asian cuisine. It’s an easy version, but delicious and trying to find the balance between the orthodox and the accessible. A ramen my way, wow Still, you have to know that This ramen has a vegetable broth prepared at the moment and I do not recommend that you replace it with purchased broth or pills, because it is a slow recipe that requires time and love, but it is worth it. It is not a soup for days in a hurry.


200 gr of ramen noodles (can be Udon, Soba, rice…)
10 shiitake mushrooms ( dehydrated or fresh)
Red miso paste
Flaked wakame seaweed
Tamari sauce or soy sauce
2 carrots
1 leek
1 celery
2 turnips
1 parsnip (all these vegetables can be found in a pack for broth in supermarkets)
Optional: sesame seeds, ginger

Step by step

  1. In a medium-sized pot, bring plenty of water to a boil. We introduce the carrots, the leek (we reserve a little leek to decorate the ramen later), the celery, 2  turnips and a parsnip peeled and cut into large pieces. I didn’t have any, but I recommend that you also add a cube of ginger.
  2. Meanwhile, soak the shiitake mushrooms in plenty of water and reserve a handful of wakame seaweed.
    We cook the vegetables and hydrate the shiitake mushrooms

    Cook the vegetables and hydrate the shiitake mushrooms

  3. Add a very generous splash of tamari sauce or soy sauce to the broth.
  4. Let cook for 30 minutes, until the vegetables are very tender. Next, add the shiitake (they can be whole or sliced) and the handful of wakame seaweed flakes.
  5. Let cook for 10 minutes
    We add tamari sauce, and then the shiitake and seaweed.

    Add tamari sauce, and then the shiitake and seaweed .

  6. Meanwhile, cook the noodles in a separate pot. They usually take between 4 and 8 minutes. It depends on the thickness and the type of wheat they are made from. It should say so on the package. Try not to overcook them.
  7. Remove the thick vegetables from the broth: parsnip, carrot, celery, leek, ginger, turnip… but leave the mushrooms and algae.
  8. < li>Put the vegetables in a colander (reserve them for a soup or stew, to eat them whole… But never throw them away!)

  9. Turn off the heat and add a tablespoon of miso. Stir and cover while it dissolves.
  10. Remove the noodles from the cooking water and reserve.
  11. Serve all the broth with vegetables in a bowl, optionally add another small spoonful of miso in the bowl , dissolve it and add the noodles.
  12. We can decorate with the piece of leek that we reserve, cut into slices, we select some mushrooms from the broth, the algae, optionally, some sesame seeds… You can decorate it to your liking! Look at the last photo below.
    We remove the large vegetables and add the miso to the ramen .

    We remove the large vegetables and add the miso to the ramen.

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