I love almond butter, but I don’t buy it more often because the ones that are sold near my house are full of additives and in the few places where I have found alternatives that are made only with almonds, they don’t catch me by hand , so I have decided to prepare it at home and now I regret not having prepared it before. It is cheaper, it is a very simple recipe (especially if you use raw almonds) and only one ingredient is needed: almonds.

It is perfect for spreading on bread, children love it and it can be used as a substitute for oil or margarine to make sweet or savory recipes. It is also delicious with dates (better without Medjool), you only have to open a date, pit it and spread a little butter on it, it is one of the richest things I have ever tasted.



  • 4 tazas de almendras crudas (600 g)*


  1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC or 355ºF.
  2. Place half of the raw almonds (2 cups or 300g) in a baking dish and toast for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Roasted almonds have a more intense flavor and are easier to blend. If you want you can buy them already toasted.
  3. The almonds have to be golden, but without burning them. Ideally, let them cool, although it is not essential.
  4. While they cool, we are going to prepare the raw almond butter. Put the remaining raw almonds (2 cups or 300g) into the food processor and blend for about 20-25 minutes until you get the consistency you want. Raw almonds are more nutritious, but they have less flavor and the butter takes longer to make.
  5. When our butter is ready, we just have to pour it into a pot, glass is best.
  6. Now we are going to make the toasted almond butter. We put the toasted almonds in the food processor and do the same, we beat until we get a paste with the texture we want. The butter will be ready in about 5 to 10 minutes. Store it in an airtight glass jar at room temperature.
  7. And now we have our almond butter! I couldn’t tell you which one I like more. You can also mix raw almonds with toasted almonds. These butters last a long time, I would say months, I can’t tell you exactly because we like them so much that it’s rare that the bottle doesn’t run out in a week or two.


* We have made two jars of almond butter, one raw and one toasted, but you can make as many as you like. As you can see in the video we use the almonds with skin, but it can also be done with peeled almonds.

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