This recipe is late, I should have shared it yesterday (I’m trying to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) because I have a sprain and yesterday I didn’t have time to write.  It’s nothing serious, so I’m still here to share healthy vegan recipes with you on social networks and on the blog.

Autumn is the time for colds due to changes in temperature and because the cold arrives, but we can help strengthen our immune system with a healthy diet and recipes like these ginger shots. They have a strong flavor, like any shot, but they are healthy and do not have alcohol, so they are the perfect alternative if you like strong emotions. It is a very easy and effective recipe to prevent and treat colds and also exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on the body due to its ingredients, which are wonderful.



  • 1 manzana
  • 2 limones
  • un trozo de raíz de jengibre de 2 pulgadas (unos 5 cm)
  • un trozo de raíz de cúrcuma de 2 pulgadas (unos 5 cm)


  1. Lava todos los ingredientes y pélalos si no son orgánicos.
  2. Trocea los ingredientes y pásalos por el extractor de zumo.


  • You can use ginger and turmeric powder. Make the juice with the fruit, serve in a glass and add the ginger and turmeric powder little by little so as not to overdo it. If you get less, you can add a little water or more apple or lemon juice.
  • You can also add a little cayenne powder, which helps remove mucus or any green leaves.< /li>
  • If you don’t have an extractor, don’t worry, put all the ingredients in a blender with a little water and mix, although you will get more because you have to add water and you won’t waste the fiber.
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