The recipe has few tricks and, as with the recipe for traditional gazpacho, all you will need is a mixer. Of course, it is important that it is a powerful device, so that the ingredients emulsify properly and we are left with a uniform texture that is pleasant to the palate. Beetroot gazpacho requires very few ingredients and does not need to go through the strainer. Of course, as I indicate in the recipe, the beet must be cooked. You will find it already cooked in any supermarket, in the section of fresh refrigerated vegetables.

  • 1 kg of pear tomatoes
  • 3 boiled beets
  • 50 g olive oil
  • 30 g vinegar of white wine
  • 350 ml. of cold water (or in cubes if our blender allows it)
  • 1 cc of salt
  1. Cut the tomatoes in halves and the beets in quarters. If the mixer is small, we can cut the tomato and beet into smaller pieces.
  2. Add the oil, vinegar, water and salt.
  3. Brush at maximum power until a smooth and emulsified texture is obtained.
  4. Serve the gazpacho very cold.
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