Gazpacho andaluz

Gazpacho is a recipe that has been updated in many versions. For example, we can prepare it with strawberries, beetroot, watermelon… in any of these versions the tomato is usually kept as the main ingredient. In turn, not only the ingredients of the original recipe are innovated, but new seasonings are also proposed for this dish, such as mint, basil, seeds… And if you don’t believe me, take a look this compilation of 12 recipes< /a> of gazpacho. There is something for everyone!

  1. Clean the tomatoes and the green pepper.
  2. We remove the stems from the tomatoes, cut them into quarters and add them to the blender jar along with the necessary amount of green pepper.
  3. Peel the cucumber, onion and garlic and add the necessary amount to the glass.
  4. Finally, add the oil, vinegar, salt and water and We shred at maximum power. (If your blender is powerful enough, you can replace part of the water with ice and thus serve the gazpacho immediately).
  5. We serve the gazpacho very cold accompanied by green pepper and chopped spring onion, cherry tomato and a slice of cucumber.

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