We had never made fresh pasta because we didn’t have a machine to make it and because we thought it would be very complicated. I’m not going to lie to you, this recipe isn’t done in 5 minutes, but it’s very simple and you don’t need a machine, we kneaded half of it with the help of a rolling pin and it turned out great too.

I have always loved bright colors in the kitchen, so what better way to make our debut with fresh pasta than making it this beautiful pink color that beetroot gives it. The color is very intense, even after being cooked. In the photos the dough is floured, that’s why it has a whitish color.



  • 140 gramos de harina (nosotros utilizamos harina integral de espelta)
  • 90 gramos de remolacha
  • 20 mililitros de agua


  1. We cook the beet to the steam about 35 minutes, until it was tender, but you can cook it or buy it ready-made. Let the beet cool completely before using it.
  2. We beat the beet with the 20 milliliters of water. Reserve.
  3. Put the flour and the water and beet paste in a bowl. Stir with a fork. When we have a texture similar to that of the crumbs, we knead until obtaining a uniform and smooth ball of dough. You may need to add a little more water or flour.
  4. Wrap the ball in cling film and set aside at room temperature for < strong>30 minutes.
  5. Split the dough in half, take one of the two pieces and with the help of < strong>roll out the dough on a floured surface until it is half a centimeter thick, just enough to be able to insert it into the machine without breaking it. If you don’t have a machine, you can knead until it’s the thickness you want.
  6. We shape the dough using a pasta maker . We pass it 2 times for each number until we reach 5 (the thickest is 1, which is the one to start with).
  7. When we have the desired thickness we can give our pasta the shape we want with the help of the machine, a knife or pasta cutters.
  8. To cook it, simply boil it in plenty of salted water for about 2 minutes or until it floats.
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