Fermented cherry tomatoes


  • 1 bottle (whatever you want)
  • Salt c / n
  • Cherry tomatoes


Weigh the bottle beforehand and tare it on the scale. add the tomatoes and press carefully so that they are locked. It’s important that way they don’t float. add water to cover. now how much does it weigh? multiply x0.025 and that is the amount of salt. eg 100gr of tomatoes + 100gr of water x0.0.25 = 5gr. pour the water mix with the salt and pour back into the jar. add fresh or dried oregano. It is important that the tomatoes do not float as fermentation is anaerobic without oxygen. everything must be under water. reserve in the cupboard out of the light for 4 days and then store in the refrigerator 1 week before enjoying. eye! Put a plate under it in case it turns a bit due to fermentation. ps: you can flavor with garlic, rosemary, whatever you want.

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