Falafel Hummus Sandwich


  1. Two slices of good fresh bread (store bought is good, of course, but a good sandwich is all about the bread!)
  2. < li> Hummus – link in the recipe to my own easy homemade version
  3. Crispy salad mix (chopped cucumber, grated carrot, chopped red pepper, finely chopped red onion)
  4. Falafel (amount depends on size patties and slices of bread)


  • Distribute the Hummus on both slices of bread
  • Layer some mixed salad on the bottom slice,
  • Then put the falafel patties on top – I like to break mine open to make the sandwich easier to close and the hummus to seep into the cracks
  • Top with the other slice
  • Bon appétit !

You may want to add a dash or two of hot sauce like Tabasco for extra spiciness.

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