The falafel is a kind of chickpea croquette that was already eaten in the times of the Bible. It is traditionally served with yogurt sauce or tahini, and is usually eaten with a salad or pita bread.




  • 120 gramos de garbanzos crudos
  • 1/4 de cebolla
  • 1 diente de ajo sin gérmen
  • 2 cucharadas de cilantro
  • 1 cucharadita de comino
  • 1 cucharadita de levadura o bicarbonato (opcional)
  • Pimienta
  • Aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • Sal


  1. We soak the chickpeas the night before with plenty of water. The next day, drain the chickpeas well to remove all the water.
  2. In a food processor or blender, grind the raw chickpeas. Next we add the onion, the garlic clove without the germ so that it does not repeat (although you can add it whole), the coriander, the cumin, the yeast or bicarbonate (we add yeast), the pepper and the salt. The yeast and bicarbonate are optional, we have tried both without adding anything and it is fine in all three cases, although if you do not add any of the two things they are a little less fluffy. Crush all the ingredients and mix them until they are well integrated.
  3. Leave the mixture in a bowl covered with a cloth and put it in the fridge for at least 40 minutes , although the ideal is to let it rest for an hour, this way our falafel will have more flavor.
  4. We take the bowl out of the fridge, wet our hands and start make our falafel balls. It is important to wet your hands so that the dough does not stick to us. You can give it a round shape or flatten the balls a little, we like them rounder, although the decision is yours.
  5. In a saucepan or frying pan, put plenty of oil (which almost completely cover our balls) and let it heat up. Add the balls and cook for about a minute on each side or until golden brown. It is very important that the oil is very hot so that they cook quickly on the outside and remain juicy on the inside, in addition, they will absorb very little oil and be healthier. When you take them out of the oil, put them on a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess oil.
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