few months ago we did a survey to know your opinion about the blog, what we can improve and what new content might interest you. Natural cosmetics was one of the topics with the most votes. I also did a mini poll on Facebook and most of you chose this topic, so that from time to time I will share some products that I use to take care of my body on the outside.

As you know, we care a lot about health, it is one of the reasons why we follow this type of diet and why I switched to natural cosmetics years ago. But being vegan does not only consist of eating vegetables, but we do not consume anything of animal origin or that has been tested on animals. Oddly enough, it is very easy to find this type of product in the market, with the exception of some medications, although if we lead a healthy lifestyle it is less likely that we will have to use them.


  • Sal gruesa
  • Aceite no refinado


  1. Fill a glass jar with coarse salt .
  2. Add oil until the salt is covered.
  3. Stir. As you stir, some of the oil will probably go down, so add more until the salt is covered.
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