As we have already told you in other posts, it is very important to hydrate yourself through drinks or food itself, so if you have trouble drinking water, you can resort to healthy drinks like this detoxifying juice , which also of providing water, it is full of vitamins and minerals.

This juice can also help you to purify the body and lose weight (within a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle). I love to have it for breakfast or a snack, but any time of the day is good. If you are trying to cleanse your body or lose weight, I suggest you try agua détox, it is ideal for fluid retention and is very tasty.



  • 4 naranjas
  • 2 zanahorias
  • 1 manzana
  • 1 rodaja de piña
  • 1/2 rama de apio
  • 1 taza de agua de coco (o de agua)


  1. Peel and chop all ingredients and add in your juicer little by little.
  2. Add the coconut water to the juice, stir and your juice is ready to drink.
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