Crunchy Veggie Vegan Summer Rolls deconstructed in a bowl. Served with peanut butter sauce sweetened with dates. Fresh spring rolls/rice paper rolls in a bowl. Make a bowl, wrap or fill leaves with rice paper. Gluten free and oil free vegan recipe. Use sun butter to  make it nut free


  • 12 à 14 oz (14 oz) Tofu ferme Appuyé Pendant au Moins 10 minutes pour le pensioner Excès d’humidity.
  • 2 cuillère à soupe Soy sauce You use tamari for le sans gluten
  • 1 /2 càc (0.5 cc) poudre d’ail< /span>
  • 1 /4 càc (0.25 cc) poudre de gingembre
  • Preparation

  • Slice everything as needed. Cook pasta according to package directions, rinse with cold water and set aside.
  • Cooking the tofu: Cut the pressed tofu into thin slices. Pour into a shallow bowl (or directly into a casserole dish). Drizzle everything with soy sauce. Scatter over the garlic and ginger powder, turn to coat well and leave for 10 minutes. Place in a casserole dish. Bake at 350 degrees F for 20-25 minutes. (Variation: Use 1 tbsp vegan hoisin sauce and 1 tbsp soy sauce). Once cool, cut into desired bite-sized pieces depending on how you plan to serve.
  • Mix everything into the peanut sauce with 1/2 cup of water. Taste and adjust for salt, sweet (add maple syrup or sugar if needed), tart (adjust for lime).
  • Place in a bowl or wrap with generous helpings of lettuce, pasta, mint, cilantro, cucumber, carrots, and cooked tofu. Drizzle generously with sauce and serve as well.

    Or when you’re ready, make fresh spring rolls ! Dip the rolls in peanut sauce and enjoy

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