Last month I saw this cake  on Pinterest and then, looking for recipes for Asaltablogs on the blog To the heat of the oven, vi this recipe so succulent and I decided I had to make a crepe cake or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully for the nights thinking about the photos of the two blogs. As I appreciate my health and sleep is necessary, today we bring you this wonderful cake that, in addition to being easy, is one of the richest we have ever tasted.

Crepes with nutella and coconut cream

The first recipe used whipped cream but our version is vegan and has coconut cream. It couldn’t be easier, just whip up coconut cream, it’s that simple. It does not have any sugar because it is very sweet in itself. We add a teaspoon of vanilla but if you don’t have or if you don’t like it, you don’t need.




  1. We take a plate or a base for cakes and place a crepe (which has to be completely cold), spread cocoa cream and hazelnuts and place another crepe on top. We repeat the operation until we place the last crepe, on which we will not pour cocoa and hazelnut cream.
  2. For the coconut cream we have used a 400-gram can of coconut cream. We left it overnight in the fridge and the next morning we opened it and separated the top layer that had solidified (it’s not completely solid, it’s more of a cream as you can see in the photos). We add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and mount with electric or manual rods until the cream does not move when turning the bowl. To assemble it and be successful in the attempt, we recommend that both the bowl and the rods are cold (put them in the fridge for a while beforehand).
  3. We place our coconut cream above and we already have our cake ready.
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